Cooking Recipes from East Frisia

Cooked and eaten up by Manfred Becker and translated by Claus Hohlen

Poooh, here they are : some of my " Cooking Recipes from East Frisia " in English.
 OK, my English is not perfectly, rather bad, but my German is also not better. But Claus Hohlen felt a pity for me and translated the recipes. (not this here)
Thank you Claus !!
This recipes are not even something for Gourmets but it's exactly the correct meal in the wind and weather of East Frisia.

Please have a little patience with me because not all is translated And if you have boredom I would be very glad if you correct my mistakes....

Much fun with cook, eat, drink and wash up.....

And remenber : This Site is under construction !

Here are the recipes

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